Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I just started to (finally) write the documentation for Bioclipse managers

I have been pushing it in front of me for quite too long a time now. But now (finally) I have started to write the text on How to make a manager on the Bioclipse wiki.

I kept telling myself that there where no point in doing it since I want to modify the process anyway. I guess that will have to be post Bioclipse 2.0 though. The main problem with the current solution is that it contains methods with this not so very nice look:
   public void remove( String filePath ) {
throw new IllegalStateException("This method should not be called");
The only way to get rid of these methods are to not have the manager class implementing the manager interface though. Although this sounds a bit strange I am sure it can be done but I am equally sure that it is not something that should be given time / energy right now.

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