Friday, October 30, 2009

I just created yet another little Bioclipse-manager feature

Do you hate it when that long running job suddenly reports result while you are deep in work with something else? Bioclipse 1 had it and now so does Bioclipse 2. Result reporting only when the user want by clicking in the progress view.

I have made this possible using an annotation. If you have a manager method taking a BioclipseUIJob that shows the result from the method (run as a job) then you can annotate the method (in the interface) with @SilentNotification to have the result only pop up when the user clicks the link in the progress view. I also added a little time out so if the job is finnished really fast the result pops up at once. The default value of this is half a second. So if the job is done in less than half a second the result pops up at once. This value can be changed by setting the silentAfter paramater of the annotation. There is also a message paramater with default value: "Job completed, results available!", that is simply the message shown in the progress view when the job is finished.

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  1. Sounds interesting... what action should I try to so all these treats in action?